Have you repeatedly tried to stop smoking but can’t find a satisfying way to do it or haven’t found a way that actually works for you?
You are not alone! Thousands of smokers want to kick the nicotine habit but just can’t…at least for very long. Have you tried Hemp CBD smokable products?
Why should you, you ask?
With the popularity and availability of Hemp CBD these days, it seems to be everywhere. While this may be true, keep in mind, there are a lot of great Hemp CBD Products and a lot of ‘not-so-great’ Hemp CBD Products so even if you have tried CBD smokable products and found they didn’t work, you shouldn’t base your entire opinion on just the one (or two) varieties you tried. Just like nicotine cigarettes – you like some, you don’t like some: CBD cigarettes are the same…plus quality makes a HUGE difference.
Now, you may be asking yourself – “What makes CBD SO much better than other ‘quit smoking’ methods?”
Weigh the pros to switching to Hemp CBD: 1. Nicotine releases Serotonin – the neurotransmitter responsible for your sense of well-being. Great, except nicotine also causes a TON of health problems – including cancer, COPD and so on (I’m sure you’ve seen & heard the research). The main reason it’s so darn hard to quit is because you become addicted to that contentment and sense of well-being but the lack of nicotine triggers feelings of moodiness, anxiety and decreased energy which gets worse the longer you go without.
Studies have shown CBD actually activates the receptors in the brain to boost serotonin availability the same way selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRI’s) work. There is substantial evidence that CBD reduces stress, anxiety and irritability. That effect could also help you to quit smoking. Additionally, CBD is well known for it’s anti-inflammatory properties which can help with the physical symptoms of nicotine withdrawal such as headache, body aches and trouble sleeping. Sleep studies have shown that larger doses of CBD can improve deep sleep cycles and help maintain sleep through the night while smaller doses can promote wakefulness and alertness.

What’s the Best way to take CBD to start your journey to becoming Nicotine-Free?
There are different CBD products besides just the smokable products. Go into it knowing it’s going to take some trial and error to find the correct method and amount that is going to work the best for you and results vary from person to person. There are many options available: CBD Capsules, drops that go under your tongue, edibles such as gummies, candy and other varieties as well as an array of smokable products.
They all have different advantages, depending on your habits, likes and dislikes. The best way is to try different methods and strengths before you go all out and invest in a full supply of one over the other. Perhaps even a combination is the best solution for you, some use the drops and edibles while using the smokables to help them get over the habit of actually lighting up at certain times during the day/night, daily routine or with friends.

One thing to keep in mind though…even though it’s going to take baby steps to start, with dedication and effort – you can succeed in joining the non-smoking population and on your way to feeling healthier and happier because of your personal accomplishment!