D.R.AG CBD Cigarettes -10 Pack Carton

NEW! A Carton of 10 packs of our Best Selling 12 Pack CBD Cigarettes / Hemparettes! Save $$ by buying in bulk.


A Carton of 10 packs of our Best Selling 12 Pack CBD Cigarettes / Hemparettes! Save $$ by buying in bulk. Organically Grown Cherry Abacus Blend Hand-Rolled Filtered CBD Hemp Flower Hemparettes 12 Pack. (All products on this site contain a value of 0.3 percent delta 9 THC or less) This Product can not be shipped to the following US States: ID, IN, IA, KY, NE, ND or TX. These filtered premium hemparettes are incredibly smooth with a very flavorful finish. They have a very calming effect that helps with mild body discomfort and are a great stress reliever! These can be enjoyed by everyone, if you have never tried hemp CBD smokes, give these a try! 

Each D.R.AG Cigarette/Hemparette is hand packed with our own Organically Grown Colorado Hemp. 

  • Enjoy these any time you need a relaxing break.
  • Whenever you feel like grabing a nicotine cigarette.
  • Whenever you want the enjoyment of smoking with your friends but are no longer smoking nicotine cigarettes.
  • Before bed to help you get a more restful sleep pattern.
  • Stock up and Save Money!

All of our products are Independently 3rd Party Tested to ensure their quality and potency. Click here to see the latest Lab Certificate of Analysis (COA) 

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Matthew Davison

Rocky Mountain Bio-AG
Mar 29, 2021

D.R.A.G Premium Hemp Flower Cigarettes

Really enjoyed the D.R.A.G premium hemp flower cigarettes. Very smooth and enjoyable nothing beats grabbing a good book and a D.R.A.G to kick back and end the day right! Thanks for making an amazing product line

Max Jackson

Cannabis Photographer
Jul 17, 2020

My Review of the products…

I didn’t smoke any THC that day before smoking one. Flavorful smoke and burned well. Effects were mild but nice and calming.

Travis Bridle

Black mesa forge
Montrose co
Jul 18, 2020


Never smoked a cbd cigarette before, was shocked at how smooth the DRAG brand smoked. Surprisingly light smoke with no disappointing aftertastes, but carries a hint of banana through on the exhale. Truly a quality experience i was not expecting, will definitely keep some of these stocked in the pantry.

Eric S Lucero

Mar 29, 2021


Excellent!! I’ve tried other hemp cigarettes and they were too harsh. These are smooth, and much better tasting. Thank you!

Taylor Robinson

Jul 26, 2020

Would highly recommend trying D.R.AG…

Justin with D.R.AG was very professional and treated me with great customer service. I sampled a variety of the CBD pre-rolls and was very impressed with their quality. Great smell, product presentation, smoked smooth and was well packed. I used the pre-rolls as a sleep aid and for general relaxation. Would highly recommend trying D.R.AG out!


Oct 21, 2020

Highly Recommend!

I HIGHLY recommend trying these CBD products. The smokables are smooth, flavorful, mellow, and exactly what I need at the end of a long day. Great for those looking to relax without a buzz or being high. You can tell by how they smoke that the company truly cares about the customer and providing relief for those who need it. Will be stocking up on these as needed in the future.

Sandra Ansley

Montrose, CO
Sep 1, 2020

Let me sleep all night!

Very relaxing. I have medical issues that are interrupting sleep. Just two of these an evening let me sleep all night! Very happy with the product!


Santa Barbara
Aug 5, 2020

I’ve never tried a CBD cigarette…

  • I have never tried a CBD cigarette and must admit to being pleasantly surprised at how smooth it was. I expected the herb to be old and taste dried out but it was fresher than expected. It also gave a nice high.


Aug 18, 2020

Very Smooth and Relaxing…

I found this product to be smooth and relaxing. Seems like a perfect replacement to the nasty cigarette smoke and terrible health effects. The lack of thc does not take away from the experience only creates a totally different one. Echoing the previous reviews both products burn slow and smooth with a great taste. The lack of thc makes this a product for every smoker. I can’t wait to try future strains and products.

Jade Devine W.

Riverside, CA
May 13, 2020

Let me see if this helps you tobacco Smoker’s…

Let me see if this helps you tobacco Smoker’s..my review on DRAG hemp cigz. Me being a cannabis connoisseur Guru, I’m embarrassed to admit I smoke nasty cigarettes. When I have cannabis to smoke, I use less tobacco. So I’m thinking good hemp cigarettes will be better for me to smoke then tobacco. A few months back I tried two other hemp cigarette brands. Trash. Literally I tossed them in the trash. I gagged and could not believe they sell this hay. DRAG is my third hemp cigz brand. I knew right away I was going to like them. Because my lil brother hates cigarettes, he doesn’t smoke cigarettes. He tried a DRAG and said “not bad”.. and finished his DRAG. When I lit up my DRAG, my first thought was “smooth”… I smoked one pouch of bugler instead of 3 pouch’s in a 10 min. period. I only smoked 12 hemp cigz during that 10 day trial.. it helped most of my nicotine cravings. I will definitely keep a pack of DRAG cigz with me. I even feel better not smoking so much tobacco.
DRAG is an all American company with true values.. they take pride in their hemp!
Support your locally owned and operated hemp companies…Out of Colorado

B. Fisher

Jul 6, 2020

For those who are wondering…D.R.AG Review

Here are my thoughts on your two hemp products.
First, let me say that your products are the first hemp-based joints I have smoked. Normally, I prefer THC, but there are times when I do not want to get high. Typically, I abstain from toking until the end of the day.

Toking on your “Premium Hemp Flower” joint helps with relax me in a quiet way. It feels like I am smoking a THC joint without getting a “fuzzy high.” As it is wrapped like a joint, it burns like a typical THC joint. I like that fact as a few tokes and I am good. In fact, I have toked on one for a few days. It goes out, just like a THC joint with a slow burn. The flavor is mild and smooth…no coughing.

Next is your D.R.A.G. Premium Hemp Flower Cigarettes. While I do not smoke tobacco, your hemp cigarettes provided a similar toking experience. There is the smooth and enjoyable taste of the hemp cigarette that can be enjoyed without having public eyes wondering if you are toking. It burns easily and completely – just like a cigarette does.

In conclusion, toking your hemp flower in both forms was an enjoyable experience. For those who are wondering – try this brand. You will get a smooth and enjoyable experience without the harshness. For me, I will be ordering your hemp joints again soon!